Cobra Jet Steering

Enhanced steering for jet skis and jet boats

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Cobra Jet Steering




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What exactly is Cobra Jet Steering?

What is the latest news from CJS and owner Jeff Walkowiak?

How do I order Cobra Jet Steering and accessories for my Yamaha Jet Boat?

How do I order Cobra Jet Steering for my SeaDoo Jet Boat?

How do I order Cobra Jet Steering for other jet boats?

How do I order Cobra Jet Steering for my jetski?

Where can I see videos of Cobra Jet Steering?

Where can I see what others have to say about Cobra Jet Steering?

Where can I find Installation Information and Instructions?

Do you have any Frequently Asked Questions?

I love my Cobra Jet Steering!  Do you have any other accessories or gear to show off how much I love it?

Any other sites you would suggest?


Cobra Jet Steering  greatly enhances your existing steering , our latest designs are the most effective and versatile steering we have ever offered.  Over  a decade of experience allows us to provide you with the most maneuverable jet boat you could ever want.

Protected by  US patents 6561858 , 6702630 and 8425269  . 

Results may vary with  application .

  Please Email me with any questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call me at 727-546-8460.



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